UX Design: What is waiting for us in 2019?

It is essential for a UX Designer to be aware of the latest industry trends, new methods, new tools, or new user usages.

So beware, new innovations do not mean that all those of 2018 (or even before) are obsolete, but one thing is sure to evolve in the world of UX design it will have to deal with the news and integrate into your habits working.

It is estimated that by 2020 85% of customer interactions will be without human intervention. Our hyper-connected world ended up stressing and soliciting users.

Attracting and holding their attention will become a real challenge, so it will be necessary to distinguish themselves with user paths that best meet their expectations by being simple, fast, attractive, fun or moving and leave a significant and non-stressful experience.



Mobile browsing still above the desktop.

It is one of the greatest revolutions of the digital world and logically it does not decrease.

In addition to the mobile Internet consultation, we have also observed an increase in the conversion rate on this channel which until now has been reserved for the desktop. It will, therefore, more and more mobile think including for e-commerce.

For this Christmas 2018, it is expected that mobile sales represent almost 45% of total online sales. No need to specify the importance of taking this mode of purchase into consideration in UX designs.

Next year it will be too late the purchase on mobile will surely already exceed the purchase on the computer.


Voice control still growing.

It was understood with the arrival of the famous “ok Google” voice control technology has upset and revolutionized the habits of Internet users. Releases of smart home devices such as Google Home arrived in August 2017, very fashionable as Christmas approaches, will not change the situation.

As proof of the increase in this practice and the importance given to it, even the SEO world has begun to focus on long voice command requests rather than short keywords as it did before.

It is estimated that by 2020, 50% of search engine queries will be made by voice.


The Internet of Things (IoT) the booming market.

The third evolution of the Web is already in place, that will make the Web 2.0 to 3.0, and you have better take it into consideration now in your projects.

It is estimated that the market for connected objects will be multiplied by 6 in 2020. An explosion announced so that will make us move into a new era and your users.

Until then the UX designers had the mission to design and propose digital experiences that respond to human emotions such as trust or security.

In 2019, the increasing arrival of connected objects in our daily lives will create expectations of digital interfaces that faithfully reproduce our human interactions.

For the moment, at the level of the general public, connected objects are still very much a matter of gadgetisation that brings little value to its users. But be ready for the future because it will arrive very quickly.



As we saw above, in 2019 UX Design will have to play a more important role in emerging technologies, especially with the rising arrival of connected objects.

Beyond that, in 2019 the role of UX designers will have to go beyond the screen interfaces and will have to include physical interactions and micro-movements to respond to the rise and democratization of augmented reality for example.

They will have to design solutions that will anticipate the next move or user’s next request, to create fun and meet the needs of the user.

Numerous clues such as Apple’s ARKit or Google’s Tango tell us that the future is resolutely turned towards virtual reality.
We have also seen the growing number of connected devices that users have access to (smartphone, smartwatch, laptop, tablet) will push UX designers to create more dynamic multi-device experiences with device-independent designs which will occupy a central place thus supplanting the demand for user experience “mobile-friendly” or “mobile-first”.


Place in vocal prototyping.

Adobe offers us one of the greatest innovations in UX design with the arrival of “Voice Prototyping”.

With its Adobe XD (XD for “Experience Design”) digital prototyping software that competes with the well-known Invision Studio, sketch or Figma, Adobe promises us a new feature that’s up to par with a user-friendly design via vocal interactions.

No more keyboard and mouse, your voice will be enough to simulate interactive immersive and realistic experiences. A nice innovation that will help UX Designers.


Revolution of Design Sprint.

The 5-day sprint design has become common in the development of the user experience and as all the solutions become banal and unavoidable some still wish to improve them.

The sprint design is no exception!

The Berlin agency Aj & Smart has decided to reduce the sprint design to 4 days against the initial 5. By studying the method well they managed to compress some days.
A streamlined design that keeps only the essentials.

The design sprints will also see the arrival of the virtual reality allowing to test a prototype through 3D views in a VR software. A more immersive method for the user and therefore better results.



Simplicity is already a trend that has been working for a few years, especially in the world of Web Design.

The UX will have to follow this trend and make simplicity its next challenge.

Users have less and less time, they are ultra-connected but paradoxically want to quickly have access to the information they came for.

Simplicity improves the engagement rate and the conversion rate. The user browses more time on the site because the simplicity facilitates its perception and understanding.

Do not forget the loading speed of your pages too, because simplicity goes with speed. A simple site involves fast loading.
If this point is important for a while already, in 2019 it will be the minimum to wait and give to your users. A kind of basic so obvious that if you do not offer it, all you have done in terms of UX will not serve much.

So note, your future media for 2019 should be simple, easy to understand, fast and light!



Some sites have already made personalization the heart of their strategy.

The best example of this is of course Netflix.

Your interface will never look like someone else’s. Why? Because Netflix offers series to watch based on those you’ve already watched.

If I only watch comic series, Netflix will highlight all other comedy series that I might like.
So my home interface is on what I like and what I’m watching.
Morality, I’m interested in other series that I discover, that I look, and I keep coming back to the application and therefore I continue to pay my subscription.

The customization is a bit like you were doing word of mouth yourself as if you were telling your users “you liked this product? Well, look, you’ll love that too! “. Whether a series, a service or a product.

UX customization means bringing your users back to your site, helping them discover and be interested in other things you offer and satisfy them more and more.

The oversaturation of information and consumption means that consumers are expecting more from their brands.

Customizing the user experience is becoming the norm.

As with physical customer experience, personalizing digital experiences increases your efficiency and allows you to convert users into brand advocates.
Analyze the behavior of your users, facilitate their task, show them that you understood what they liked, give them their desire to return with a personalized interface on what he likes.

What’s new for the UX Designer in 2019?

The UX Designer has already made its mark in designing a project. In 2019 it seems that his role becomes wider.

Artificial intelligence and augmented reality will expand its fields of action. It will have to switch to collaborative and connected 2.0 mode, prototyping more quickly and automating certain stages of the process.


Like everything else, UX Design is not immune to evolution. And fortunately!

Whether the evolution of media, user habits or technologies UX Design must follow or even anticipate what will be a good journey user.

Do not worry UX Designer the hardest is already done, you just have to follow the movement, adapt and continue to think “users first”.


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