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About us

Sit down with us and let's meet each other

Web design Agency
between Barcelona & Lviv

We are BridgeWeb Solutions, a web design agency of digital natives, specialists in . design and development of websites.

We are now located in the center of Barcelona, in the heart of this beautiful and exciting hub technology. Created in 2018, we are just celebrating our first birthday.

But before meeting each other both our Founders had their career in freelancing for 5 years.

They joined their forces to create Bridge Web Solutions and offer services in 5 different languages.

We now institute proposals for your digital projects, in order to bring your creative visions to life. We provide you with the best advice to meet your requirements and needs. Your brand values give meaning to what you undertake, so let’s put them at the core of your digital strategy. Let’s build together the future of your company!

Our team puts all its expertise at the service of its customers, to facilitate the implementation and sustainability of their projects for creating websites and brand identities.


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